Our Guides

Iceland PRO Guides is a team ready for adventure.

All of our guides have spent years leading tours all around Iceland and have worked with the most prominent/largest tour agencies in Iceland. They take special care to insure your safety while sharing Iceland’s most hidden gems and off-the-path spots.

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Gunnar (Warrior) - stargazer, photographer

Despite his name, Gunnar is a citizen of the world with a laid back attitude and a generous spirit. He has guided travelers by foot and boat for the last 17 years- in Greenland, France, Portugal, Spain and his native Iceland. Charting the night sky and capturing epic landscapes are his specialty. He has an uncanny knack for finding the northern lights and is happy to share his tripod.

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Mímir (The Rememberer, The Wise One) - modern-day viking, karate blackbelt

Mimir has sailed the Viking routes between Norway, Iceland and Greenland. A rugged outdoorsman and martial artist with a penchant for literature, classical music, and poetry- Mímir can recite the Sagas while keeping you safe and fully entertained. We are still working on a way to bring his cello along on the tours, stay tuned…

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Steinthor (Rock God) - documentary filmmaker, in-house geologist

Steinthor grew up in Iceland’s southern countryside. When he is not touring, he works in film and spends his time traveling Iceland for the sheer pleasure of it. His passion for nature and storytelling will keep you smiling as you learn all about the geological wonders of Iceland.

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Ásgeir Már (Spear of the Gods) - glacier expert, outdoor sportsman

Ásgeir Már is a man with a passion for glaciers and all things outdoors. Whether for work or for leisure, Ásgeir spends most of his time in the mountains. His hobbies include mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, trail running and mountain biking. His versatile enthusiasm for outdoor sports and exploration makes him the ultimate tour guide and adventure companion.